Sunday, August 14, 2005

The Grand Unified Theory of Dating

Well may be not, but it's a start. From the BBC...

"Richard Ecob adapted a system for modelling atoms in radioactive decay to investigate how we look for partners.

He found that "super daters", people who have many short relationships, have a good effect on others' lives.

This is because they break up weak couples, forcing their victims to find better relationships.

Transit states

At the root of the system, says Mr Ecob, is the similarity between the probability of the nucleus of an atom decaying and that of a couple breaking up.

The decay of a nucleus is described in terms of "transit states": the series of change it has been through to get to its current situation.

The probability of someone having been in two relationships, for example, is the same as that of a nucleus decaying twice.

"We had an inkling that it might be the same because we saw similarities," he told the BBC News website.

"When we worked it out, the graphs we got were very similar."

The sweet decay of love. But seriously, all this guy showed was that the mathematical function is the same. To go on and say that there is a similarity between dating and nuclear decay is, well, just plain geeky.

So in the same spirit, here are other phenomenons "similar" to dating, I'll leave it as an exercise to the reader to flesh out the analogies:

Voltage decay in a capacitor. Hint: Electric discharge.
Cooling of an object.
Drug metabolizing. (Love is a ...)

Here are phenomenons "opposite" to dating (exponential growth):
Bacterial growth.
Nuclear chain reaction.

John Cole and the Perfect Weapon

As the summer heat broils, steams and cooks the nation from coast to coast, steam is rising from the blog world. The lines between right and left, never really blurry to begin with, have resharpened strongly, reaching the pre-election levels of last year. The reason ?


The news are not good for sure, but a combination of bad news have kept Iraq on the front news: increasingly lethal and effective attacks by insurgents and Zarqawi's group, the apparent lack of focus and coherence of this Administration about our goals and strategy in Iraq, the hobbling along of the three wheeled Constitutional progress which looks more and more like Iran lite, and the decision by Bush to walk away from the helm in Washington for over a month.

But nothing could have upset the opponents of exiting from Iraq more than Cindy Sheehan's highly publicized protest in Crawford demanding the right to speak face to face to Bush about the reasons for the war that killed her son.

This sparked a number of particularly tasteless , stupid and vicious attacks on this grieving mother from rightwing bloggers, followed by an equally forceful response from some of the left (including Steve Gilliard). The lines were being redrawn and the few bloggers who had recently become uncomfortable with the increasingly anti-libertarian tone of the GOP, quickly returned into the fold.

We mourn the loss of blogger John Cole to the dark side. As with all such tales, his descent started when he gave in to his blind anger of Kos, Atrios, and some ill-defined users of Ms. Sheehan. This anger never really gets explained or rationalized beyond shabbily built strawmen. You should all read this takedown of Mr. Cole's mighty exercise of semantics where we are told that calling a grieving and angry Mom "media whore" is quite acceptable discourse. No, really. Let's all give a minute of silence to Balloon Juice's short-lived monicker of "reasonable conservative".

FOR THE RECORD: Mr. Cole did not say that media whore is acceptable discourse. But I disagree with his implied suggestion that "media whore" is far less incendiary than "whore".

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

When Food Attacks !

For all you Foodies (Food Afficionados) out there, here is a great story about eating live baby octopus tentacles from Deep End Dining:

To avoid spoiling the best parts, I'll just quote the ending:
"At last the tentacle became vulnerable to my molars. Without hesitating, I bit hard on it over and over and over again while mumbling "Die! Die! Die!"Before it could resurrect itself and do a surprise attack like some slasher movie villain, I swallowed deeply and gulped it down. "Get in my belly!" I gasped"
Go read it all. There is a video of another diner's experience with the thing.